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Meet our Department!

Department Head

Lois Stanford

Department Head; Professor 

Office: Breland Hall 316
Phone: 575-646-6092
Education: Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Florida, 1989
Interests: Applied/engaged anthropology, Food Studies, Latin American Studies, agricultural economics


Lisa Muñoz

Administrative Assistant

Main Office: Breland 331
Phone: 575-646-2725

Nathan Craig

Interim Director, University Museum 

Office: Kent Hall 207
Phone: 575-646-4536
Education: Ph.D. Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2005
Interests: Andean archaeology, spatial analysis, museums, social activism

Regular Faculty

Holly Brause

Assistant Professor

Office: Breland 303
Education: Ph.D. Anthropology, University of New Mexico, 2021
Interests: Environmental anthropology, transboundary water resources, climate change and natural resource management, globalization of food and agriculture, politics and practices of future-making

Thomas Hart

Assistant Professor

Office: TBD
Education: Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Connecticut, 2014
Interests: Mesoamerican archaeology, Mesopotamian archaeology, paleoethnobotany, foodways, biodiversity, plant resource use, resilience theory

Kelly Jenks

Associate Professor; Graduate Advisor

Office: Breland Hall 305 / Historical Archaeology Lab: Breland Hall 307
Education: Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Arizona, 2011
Interests: Historical archaeology, cultural resource management, Spanish colonialism, Spanish/Mexican community land grants, group identities, oral history, ethnohistory

Alejandra Marks

Assistant Professor

Office: Breland Hall 306
Education: Ph.D. Anthropology, Tulane University, 2023
Interests: Medical anthropology, reproductive healthcare, social movements in Latin America

Kathryn Olszowy

Associate Professor

Office: Breland Hall 304 / Biological Anthropology Lab: Breland Hall 94
Phone: 575-646-3276 (Lab)
Education: Ph.D. Anthropology, Binghamton University, 2014
Interests: Economic development and chronic disease risk, sex/gender-based disparities in obesity risk, mental and physical health outcomes associated with natural disasters, child growth and development, the biology of poverty

Katie Richards

Assistant Professor

Office: Breland Hall 312
Education: Ph.D. Anthropology, Washington State University, 2022
Interests: Southwestern archaeology, Fremont and Four Corners regions, pottery analysis, INAA, social identity, frontiers, archaeological field methods

William Walker


Office: Breland Hall 314
Education: Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Arizona, 1995
Interests: Southwestern archaeology, religion and witchcraft, ritual in prehistory

Adjunct Faculty

Allison Cantor

Adjunct Professor

Education: Ph.D. Applied Anthropology, University of South Florida, 2016
Interests: Biocutural medical anthropology

Affiliated Faculty/Scholars 

Emeriti Faculty