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Graduate Program

The Anthropology Master of Arts Program at NMSU provides students with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience they need to transform their interests into a rewarding career. Our program strengths include "applied" research, especially in the areas of cultural resource management, museum studies, food security, and health and wellness. We value our M.A. students, and work to develop strong advising and mentoring relationships. Many of our graduates go on to successful careers in the public or private sector, while some choose to pursue a Ph.D. after completing their master's degree at NMSU. 

In addition to the Anthropology Master of Arts degree, our program also offers two Graduate Certificates and several graduate minors. Click on each of the links below to see descriptions of the program requirements.

Graduate students can earn a:

  • Master of Arts in Anthropology
    • An undergraduate anthropology degree is not required for admission; however, students who lack the equivalent of core undergraduate anthropology courses may be required to take them during their first year of the master's program.
  • Graduate Certificates in Cultural Resource Management (CRM) and Museum Studies
    • These graduate certificates are separate from the M.A. degree, and require a separate application. Many of our M.A. students also earn graduate certificates.
  • Graduate minors in Anthropology, Archaeology, and Food Studies
    • Graduate minors are available to students earning their master's or Ph.D. degrees in other programs at NMSU.

Please visit the Anthropology Catalog for descriptions of all of our anthropology courses.  

If you have additional questions or would like to schedule a campus visit or virtual meeting, please contact the Graduate Advisor: Dr. Kelly Jenks,