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Resources for Anthropology Majors

This page includes a list of useful resources for helping you plan your degree, find research opportunities, and find funding. Please send us an e-mail and make an appointment to visit us in person for advice about how to make the most of your education!

Degree Planning

Advanced Study Opportunities

  • Undergraduate Anthropology Organization  (UAO): undergraduate students are welcome to join the UAO, a student-run club focused on providing anthropological experiences, knowledge, and resources to its members. 
  • Study Abroad program: studying abroad for four weeks or longer waives one Viewing the Wider World (VWW) credit requirement. The study abroad program also offers various language immersion programs, which can be used to help satisfy the second language requirement.
  • Crimson Scholars program
  • University Museum: NMSU’s museum in Kent Hall offers volunteer and work study opportunities to students interested in artifact processing and museum work.
  • Accelerated Masters Program (MAPS)

Financial Aid/Scholarships

Professional Societies