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Wenda Trevathan

Wenda Trevathan
Professor Emerita
Emeritus Faculty

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Expertise: Biological Anthropology


Dr. Trevathan is a biological anthropologist whose research concerns aspects of human reproduction including childbirth, maternal behavior, sexuality, menopause and evolutionary medicine. Her most recent book is Ancient Bodies, Modern Lives:  How Evolution Has Shaped Women’s Health, published by Oxford University Press, 2010.

 Recent Publications

  • Trevathan, Wenda. (2015) Primate pelvic anatomy and implications for birth. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 370.1663 (2015): 20140065.
    Trevathan, Wenda R., and Karen R. Rosenberg (2014) Caesarean Section. Evolution, medicine, and public health 2014.1 (2014): 164.
    Rosenberg, K and Wenda Trevathan (2014) Evolutionary obstetrics. Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health 1:148. doi: 10.1093/emph/eou025
  • Trevathan, Wenda R. (2010). Ancient Bodies, Modern Lives: How Evolution Has Shaped Women’s Health. New York: Oxford University Press. (recipient of the 2011 WW Howells Award, Biological Anthropology Section of the American Anthropological Association).
  •  Burleson, Mary H., Michael Todd, and Wenda R. Trevathan (2010) Daily vasomotor symptoms, sleep problems, and mood: Using daily data to evaluate the domino hypothesis in mid-aged women. Menopause 17(1):87-95.
  • Trevathan, W. R., E. O. Smith, J. J. McKenna (Eds.) (2008). Evolutionary Medicine and Health: New Perspectives. New York: Oxford University Press.
  •  Thompson, Laura A. and Wenda R. Trevathan (2008) Cortisol Reactivity, Maternal Sensitivity, and Learning in Three-Month-Old Infants. Infant Behavior and Development 31:92-105.
  •  Trevathan, W. R. (2008) Evolutionary Obstetrics.  In Evolution and Medicine:  How Applications Advance Research and Practice, Randolph Nesse, Editor.  Published Lecture in A Henry Stewart Talks Series in Biomedicine and the Life Sciences, London, UK.
  •  Rosenberg, K. R. and W. R. Trevathan (2007) An anthropological perspective on the evolutionary context of preeclampsia in humans. Journal of Reproductive Immunology 76:91-97.
  •  Trevathan, W.R. (2007) Evolutionary Medicine. Annual Review of Anthropology 36:139-154.
  •  Burleson, Mary H., Wenda R. Trevathan, and Michael Todd (2007) In the mood for love, or vice versa: understanding the relations among physical affection, sexual activity, mood and stress in daily life. Archives of Sexual Behavior 36(3):357-368.