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Welcome to NMSU Anthropology!

Anthropologists study the human species and our closest non-human relatives. We seek to understand the human condition in all of its diversity, past and present, so that we can shape our future. We look for answers to the questions:

  • Who are we?
  • Where did we come from?
  • How did we get here?
  • Why are we different from each other?
  • What do all humans share in common?
  • And, how can we better understand each other?

Anthropologists are global citizens who apply their people skills to make a positive difference in today’s world.

Anthropology students might study: our oldest human ancestors, contemporary human health and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, archaeology of historic settlements along the Camino Real, prehistoric and modern cultures of the American Southwest and Mexico, or contemporary issues such as climate change, health disparities, food security, and immigration policy.

At NMSU, you can study the world's social issues and contribute to path-breaking research solutions right here in New Mexico!

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Department Head or Undergraduate Academic Advising: Dr. Lois Stanford

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