The anthropology M.A. program offers a broad training experience both for students who intend to take a terminal M.A. degree and students who intend to enter a Ph.D. program after finishing the degree at NMSU. In addition to the M.A. in anthropology, our program also offers several graduate minors and certificates. Click on each link to see a description of the program requirements.

An undergraduate anthropology degree is not required for entry into the program. Students who lack the equivalent of core undergraduate anthropology courses may be required to take them during the first year of the M.A. program.

The M.A. Program in Anthropology at NMSU is enrolled as an eligible graduate program under the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP), which allows students from qualifying western states to pay in-state resident tuition. More information is available here.

A list of all anthropology courses offered by the department can be found here. Profiles and contact information for our faculty and staff are available here.

Additional information about our program can be found on our Graduate Resources page.