Dr. Miriam Chaiken

Ph.D., University of California – Santa Barbara, 1983; Distinguished Achievement Professor; Dean of Honors College


Office: Breland 308
Phone: 575-646-2826
Curriculum Vitae (Fall 2017)

Dr. Chaiken is an applied anthropologist who has conducted research in East Africa and Southeast Asia on a variety of issues in economic development.

Current Interests

Dr. Chaiken’s research interests include the changing status of women in developing countries, participatory development, resettlement, and rural health and nutrition. Her recent research, in collaboration with humanitarian NGOs, has developed strategies to address food insecurity, health care systems, and the need to improve living standards in rural Africa. Her work has been primarily in Kenya and Mozambique, but she has also collaborated on reviews and policy analysis for projects in Ethiopia, Zambia, Rwanda, and Malawi. She teaches Women, Gender, and Culture; Applied Anthropology; Nutritional Anthropology; and the Department’s Senior capstone course.

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