K Corl Gilman

Kristin Corl receives Gilman Scholarship for paleoanthropology research in S. Africa

Anthropology senior Kristin Corl was the recipient of a Gilman Scholarship that permitted her to participate in a summer paleoanthropology field school at the Drimolen Site in South Africa. The excavations, under the direction of Dr. Colin Menter from the University of Johannesburg were discovering evidence of both australopithecines and early members of the genus Homo as well as fossil non-human primates. In addition to the transformative experience of working in the field, Kristin can also add “petting a live cheetah” and “eating crocodiles, kudus, and antelopes” to her list of new experiences in Africa.



Image of ...Kristin at the Drimolen site Image of ...Kristin with tame cheetah