Ashley Remy

Ashley Remy receives Honors College Scholarship for international research

NMSU Honors College scholarship winner to research pre-Hispanic graves in Peru

High in the Andes Mountains of Peru is a burial site containing the remains of pre-Hispanic indigenous people dating as far back as the 13th century. New Mexico State University anthropology major Ashley Remy will soon have the opportunity to discover the secrets the graves hold.

Remy is this year’s winner of the Honors College Scholarship for International Research and her $5,000 award will allow her to study the teeth found on the remains of bodies buried in Marcajirca, north of Lima, Peru. The funerary site has burial locations in caves, as well as in small buildings called “chullpas.” As part of an ongoing bioarchaeological project at the site, Remy will examine the teeth on the remains to create a comprehensive comparison and to investigate possible changes of diet that affected overall nutrition 400 to 700 years ago.