Student Accomplishments


Conference Presentations

Association for Anthropology and Gerontology Workshop Conference 2015: Health Disparities in Aging, February 5-7, 2015, Miami. Graduate student paper/poster presentations

Megan Stamey McAlvain: Evaluation of Cultural Competency in Graduate Geriatric Medicine Programs in the Western United States

NMSU Graduate Research and Arts Symposium, March 18, 2015, Las Cruces

Sara Blahut: Poster: Examination of Clavicle Variation within the NMSU Skeletal Collection

Dylan Clark: Get Your Grind On: Ground Stone Artifact Interpretations of Subsistence and Mobility at Cottonwood Spring Pueblo

Erin Coward: Poster: Cranial Deformation in Romania?

Erica Davis, Brenda R. Benefit, & Monte L. McCrossin: Poster: Incisor variation at middle Miocene Maboko indicates the possible presence of at least two small-bodied ape species

Scott Hays-Strom: School House Rock: Lake Valley Mining District School House Archaeology

Jacquelyn Heuer: Applied Anthropology & Traditional Food Systems: How Anthropologists Can Aid in Indigenous Food & Nutrition Movements

Kate Moore: Poster: National Register of Historic Places Nomination of the Tortugas Pilgrimage Trail

David Morales Andrade: Iconography of Gods and Warriors of Tenochtitlan

Megan Stamey McAlvain: Assessing for Culturally Competent Older Adult Care

Sunnie Sartin, Winona Patterson, Kristen Corl, and Todd Scarbrough: Poster: Twin Pines Village: Looking Beyond the Mimbres Valley

American Association of Physical Anthropology
, March 25-28, 2015, St. Louis

Irisa Arney, Brenda Benefit, and Monte McCrossin: Poster: The Body Mass of Victoriapithecus macinnesi Revisited Using Foot Remains

Erica Davis, Brenda R. Benefit, and Monte L. McCrossin: Incisor variation at middle Miocene Maboko indicates the possible presence of at least two small-bodied ape species

Fiona G. McCrossin, Brenda R. Benefit, Donica Spence, and Cole Tobin: Does the strength of adult relationships in pair bonded monogamous siamangs fluctuate over the long term in response to female reproductive status and/ or the presence of offspring?

Donica Spence and Brenda Benefit Poster: Are terrestrial siamangs left or right handed?


75th Annual Meeting for the Society for Applied Anthropology, March 24-28, 2015, Pittsburgh

Megan Stamey McAlvain and Mary Alice Scott: Learning “Culture” in Medical Education: An Exploratory Study of Residents’ Experiences in a Borderlands Family Practice Residency

Kristin Morehead: Negotiating Multicultural Identity in France

80th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, April 15-19, 2015, San Francisco

Dylan Clark: Believing is Seeing

Kristin Corl: Faunal Evidence for Subsistence Strategies at Cottonwood Spring Pueblo

Sarah McCormick: Manufacturing Basketmaker III Bone Objects

Lydia Pittman: Poster: A Study of Miniature Pottery Vessels in the Mimbres Region

Sunnie Sartin, Winona Patterson, Kristen Corl, and Todd Scarbrough: Poster: Twin Pines Village: Looking Beyond the Mimbres Valley

Todd Scarbrough, Kristin Corl, Dylan Clark and Sunnie Sartin: Poster: Burning as Ritual in the Jornada Mogollon


Society for the Anthropology of North America (SANA) 2015 Conference, April 16-18, 2015, New York

Mary Alice Scott, Devin Grider, Amanda Poole, Jared Van Natta, Ragnhild Utheim, Lisa Borodovsky, Michelle Ronda, Elizabeth Bauer: Roundtable Discussion: Anthropology on the Ground, Engaging Students in an Anthropology of (In)equality, for Justice

Jared Van Natta: Learning Culture in Medical Residency

Devin Grider: Free Clinic Patients’ Perceptions of Health Care under the Affordable Care Act.”

Cultural Competency Conference, March 27, 2015, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, El Paso

Mary Alice Scott, Megan Stamey McAlvain, Reanna Messer, John Andazola, and Cortney Platero: Cultural Competency is Not Enough: Family Medicine Residency Faculty Perspectives


Step into the Past, White Sands National Monument, May 2, 2015

Katelyn McCollum: More than a Sandbox: The Agencies and Missions that Manage the World’s Largest Gypsum Dunefield, Historic Photograph Exhibition and Talk, White Sands Visitor Center Theatre.

Student Awards

Cole Tobin, graduated in May of 2015 having won two prestigious awards. He is the recipient of the NMSU Alumni Association’s Award for Outstanding Graduating Senior for the College of Arts and Sciences and also of the Dean’s Undergraduate Award for Excellence, College of Arts and Sciences. Cole was a double major in Anthropology and Biology who pursued studies in evolutionary behavior and ecology across two academic disciplines.

Karina Fonseca: Dean’s Academic Excellence Award, College of Education

Norma Hartell: Outstanding Service Award, College of Arts and Sciences


Outstanding Graduate Assistantship Award, NMSU Graduate School

Candice Disque
Jacquelyn Heuer
Karmon Kuhn
Meraz Rahman

 Archaeological Society of New Mexico Scholarships

Alyssa Colan
James Hill
Scott Hays-Strom
Garrett Leitermann
Candice Disque
Karmon Kuhn
Norma Hartell
Danielle Soza

Sigma Xi,
Grant-in-Aid of Research

Kristin Corl

Discovery Scholars

Two anthropology majors, Jared Van Natta and Devin Grider, worked under Dr. Mary Alice Scott’s mentorship on her medical anthropology research project — an ethnography of a family practice residency program and an analysis of the impact of the Affordable Care Act on free clinics.

Peer Learning Assistant Program

Katie Jackson and Danielle Soza served as peer learning assistants in Anth 301 Cultural Anthropology and Anth 315 Introduction to Archaeology with the guidance of Drs. Lois Stanford and William Walker. The Peer Learning Assistant Program selects undergraduate students who support student learning in challenging courses and help their peers to succeed by providing opportunities for deeper engagement, hands-on practice, deeper learning, and informal mentoring.


Historical Properties Designation

Norma Hartell and Addison Warner: Nomination of Chope’s Town Café and Bar, approved for the State and National Registers of Historical Places

Southwest Border Cultures Institute Grants

Michelle Lanteri: (with Anna Strankman)
Garrett Leitermann

Indigenous Nations for Community Action Scholarship

Judy Marquez
Patrick Martine
Jimmy Toddy

Other Student Awards

Damaris Lewis: Fulbright Finalist, English Language Program, Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa

Kate Moore: Poster Honorable Mention, NMSU Graduate Research and Arts Symposium and Archival Research Grant, Office of the State Historian

Megan Stamey McAlvain: Association for Anthropology and Gerontology Student Conference Travel Award

Aracely Pedraza, graduate student in anthropology, was accepted to a summer field school in Antigua, Guatemala. (Spring 2015)

Megan Stamey McAlvain received a travel award for her presentation at the Anthropology and Gerontology Association meeting in Miami to present her thesis proposal and receive mentoring from a senior researcher in the area of anthropology and aging.  (Spring 2015)

Karmon Kuhn was accepted to the internship program at Maternidad La Luz in El Paso, Texas. This program will prepare her to conduct her thesis research on the relationship between midwives and nurses in the border region. (Spring 2015)

2014-2012 Student Accomplishments