Dr. Fumi Arakawa

Ph.D., Washington State University, 2006; University Museum Director and Associate Professor

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E-mail: farakawa@nmsu.edu
Phone: (575) 646-4295 (Breland Hall) / 575-646-4536 (University Museum)
Office: Breland Hall, Room 323 / Kent Hall, Room 207
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Dr. Arakawa is an archaeologist who studies southwestern archaeology, particularly the Mesa Verde and northern Rio Grande regions. He is also an Associated Researcher at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center. Click here to see a short video featuring Dr. Arakawa prepared in acknowledgement of his 2016 faculty award for Outstanding Teaching.

Current Research

My background is primarily in geology and lithic analyses, with Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies, pottery temper analysis, and archaeological methods and theories. I have also addressed topics including cultural trajectory, gender division of labor, migration, and exchange systems in my publications.

My research interests inc lude the prehistoric American Southwest, lithic technological organization, pottery in the Mesa Verde region, and sociopolitical organization in tribal-level societies. I am also interested in the philosophy and anthropology of Japanese and East Asian cultures.

I have been a research associate for the Village Ecodyanmics Project (an NSF funded program) since 2002, conducting stone tool and debitage analyses and compiling chipped-stone databases in the Mesa Verde and northern Rio Grande regions.