Religious Studies Minor

The Religious Studies Minor was created in 1997 by three faculty in the then Department of Sociology and Anthropology in response to their research interests and to the growing interest students have expressed in studying religion. The Religious Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program administered by the Dept. of  Anthropology with faculty in the Departments of Anthropology, Art, Dance, English, Government, History, Philosophy, Sociology and Women’s Studies, and the Honors Program.  The Minor has grown from offering 20 courses in 1997 to over 50 in 2006.

A booklet about the Minor including requirements for the Minor, a list of courses offered, and biographies of faculty who teach courses in the Minor is available by clicking a link at the bottom of this page.

Students are encouraged to stop by to fill out a form to declare the minor. This enables the coordinators to keep students informed of events on campus related to the minor or additions or changes to the curriculum. The form with requirements for the Minor and a list of courses that can be taken to fulfill credits for the Minor is available for download below. Upon completion of the Minor, this form must be signed by the Head of the Dept. of Anthropology, and then taken by the student to the Arts and Sciences Advising Center in Breland Hall for processing.

Overview of Requirements

To obtain a minor in Religious Studies a student must complete a total of 18 credits, including the required core course, Introduction to Religious Studies (3 credits).  At least 9 credits must be upper division credits and no more than 9 credits, upper or lower division, can come from any one department.  These departments include Anthropology, Art, Dance, English, Government, History, Honors, Philosophy, and Sociology and Women’s Studies. Independent studies or special readings courses are restricted to 3 credits.  (Effective Fall 2003).