Sustainable Development Minor

A minor in sustainable development is available for students who want to include sustainable development in their academic training. The minor requires a minimum of 18 credit hours broken down in the following way:

Core Requirements: 6 credits selected from the following list
World Agriculture and Food Problems 3
Environmental Anthropology 3
Principles of Ecology 3
Introduction to Climate Science 4
Environmental Sociology 3
Elective Courses: 12 credits from the following list*

Courses are limited in each department in order to encourage students to take classes in different disciplines and broaden their perspective.

Natural Resource Economics 3
Sustainable Production of Agronomic Crops 4
Food and Culture Around the World 3
Conservation Biology 3
Science & Society 3
Principles of Fish and Wildlife Management 3
Global Environment 3
Agriculture in an Interconnected World 3
Social Issues in the Rural Americas 3

* With the permission of the program advisor (Dr. Lois Stanford), students may substitute 1 class that presents a topical focus on sustainable development.

Field Requirements: 3 credits from the following
Special Research Project 1-3
Special Topics 1-4
Internship 1-6