Anthropology Major

Class valedictorian Lauren Butero graduates in 2010

Class valedictorian Lauren Butero graduates in 2010

The major in anthropology provides a broadly based education in the social and biological sciences. The undergraduate program prepares students for careers in many areas, such as cultural resources management (or contract archaeology), forensic sciences, health services, cross-cultural field work, community development programs, state and federal employment, human services agencies, and museum work. Anthropology students can continue for advanced degrees in teaching, museology, other social sciences, and anthropology.

Departmental Requirements

Required Core Courses:

ANTH 301 Cultural Anthropology    3 cr
ANTH 315 Introduction to Archaeology    3 cr
ANTH 320 Anthropological Linguistics    3 cr
ANTH 350 Anthropological Theory    3 cr
ANTH 355 Physical Anthropology    3 cr
ANTH 406 Introduction to Anthropological Practice    3 cr
  •  Additional electives in anthropology to bring total credits in major to 36, including 27 upper-division course credits.
  • All courses in the major must earn a C grade or better.

Additional Requirements

In the following courses, a grade of C or better must be earned:

ENGL 218G Technical and Scientific Communication    3 cr
or ENGL 318G Adv. Tech. and Prof. Communication    3 cr
MATH 210 or above    3 cr
Language Second language proficiency through intermediate level


  • Electives: sufficient to bring total credits to 128, including 54 upper-division credit hours
  • Successful completion of all General Education Requirements