Graduate Minor in Archaeology

The graduate minor in archaeology allows students in other programs to develop a specialization in archaeology. A minor in archaeology provides a useful concentration for students developing professional careers in cultural resource management, public lands management, environmental science, public history, geography, or teaching.


2014 Archaeological Field School

Course Requirements:

In order to complete the minor requirements, students are required to complete 9 credit hours (3 classes) of graduate level courses. The core courses for the minor are:

  • ANTH 585 Archaeological Method and Theory
  • ANTH 522 Graduate Archaeological Field Season
  • ANTH 523 Archaeological Mapping
  • ANTH 516 Advanced Archaeology of the American Southwest
  • ANTH 517 Advanced Topics in Mesoamerican Archaeology
  • ANTH 518 Advanced Historical Archaeology
  • ANTH 540 Cultural Resource Management
  • ANTH 577 Faunal Analysis
  • ANTH 507 Advanced Studies in Archaeology

Students should choose among these core offerings with the advice of their MA thesis chair and minor area committee member. The minor in archaeology is not available to graduate anthropology majors.